Certified Professional Bird Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

To begin your certification process please study the recommended reading list below. Dates of examinations, detailed requirements, and the application form are available from the PTC web site together with the Candidates Handbook.

For candidates wishing to make their application online please follow this link.


Registering to take the examinations is a simple process:

  1. Complete the application form and pay the fee to PTC.
  2. Once your application is processed PTC will send you a confirmation number.
  3. Follow the instructions from PTC to find a testing center near your location.
  4. Call the testing center to make your examination appointment.
  5. Go to the testing center at the appointed time and pass the examination!


The IATCB has prepared a suggested reference list to assist in preparing for the Certification Examination for Professional Bird Trainers. These references contain journals, textbooks, and articles which include information of significance to professional bird trainers. This list does not attempt to include all acceptable references nor is it suggested that the Certification Examination for Professional Bird Trainers is necessarily based only on these references.

IAATE Veterinary Care Position Statement
IAATE Collection Planning Position Statement
IAATE Food Management and Weight Management Position Statement
IAATE Tethering Position Statement
IAATE Enrichment Position Statement
IAATE Educational Messaging Position Statement
IAATE Housing Position Statement
IAATE Code of Professional Ethics
IAATE Free Flight for Programs Position Statement
IAATE Selection Criteria for Non-Releasable Birds Position Statement
IAATE Welfare of Human-Reared VS Parent Reared Owls in Ambassador Animal Programs Position Statement