Is there a testing center near me?

To find the testing center that is close to you vists and use their search feature.

What is Certification as a Professional Bird/Animal Trainer?

Certification as a professional provides formal recognition of knowledge and practice in the field of avian/animal care.

Why should I obtain Certification?

Certification will provide you with the ability to demonstrate that you have a proven knowledge and commitment to your profession.

Who is qualified to have Certification?

Certification candidates must meet eligibility requirements including three years of professional experience with birds/animals, completion of the Application for Certification, and payment of required fees. You can get a complete list of qualifications here on our web site.

How do I find a testing center near me?

You may search here for a testing center near you. In the drop-down menu on that page select "Certification/Professional Associations" and then select "International Avian Trainers Certification Board (IATCB)" or "International Animal Trainers Certification Board (IATCB) from the "Select Sponsor Name" drop-down. Click on "Continue" to open the search page. After entry of your zip code or City name a list of testing centers will be presented.

How is the best way to prepare for Certification?

This is a knowledge-based Certification, so you should study well for the Certification examination! A suggested bibliography can be found on our web site. 

How long does Certification last?

Your Certification will last five (5) years.  During that time, you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to automatically renew your Certification.  Or at the end of five years you may take the Certification examination again.  Find out more at Get Certified.

What are the benefits of Certification?

First of all, as a Certified Bird/Animal Trainer you will be able to add the designation CPBT-KA/CPAT-KA after your name. This allows you to demonstrate advanced knowledge, gain professional credibility, advance your career, and possibly increase your earnings potential.

Where can I find out more about Certification?

You can find out more by exploring our web site.  If you have additional questions, contact us at