Brenda Janah Sanchez (BrendaJanahSanchez)

Brenda Janah Sanchez (BrendaJanahSanchez)
Dallas Zoo
United States


Brenda Sanchez started off her career in 2012 interning for the Birds of the World Show at the State Fair of Texas with Steve Martin and Natural Encounters, Inc. Eager to learn more about operant conditioning and presenting animals and their natural behaviors, she jumped at the opportunity to work at the SOAR Bird Show at the Dallas Zoo as a seasonal employee in 2013. Brenda has been so lucky to learn from so many great mentors, that she is now a supervisor of Animals Encounters at the Dallas Zoo, with a primary focus on the free flight bird experiences and the wildlife show. Brenda works with a variety of birds and mammels, training natural behaviors in order to inspire guests to want to create a better world for animals.