Jason Andrew Beale (JasonBeale)

Jason Andrew Beale (JasonBeale)
Shaver's Creek Environmental Center
United States

Jason serves as the Animal Care Program Director for Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, Penn State's nature center & outdoor learning lab. He oversees an animal care training program, preparing students for their post-academic careers in caring for, training, and educating with a teaching collection of forty amphibians, reptiles, and raptors.

Upon his hire in 2014, Jason began restructuring the Animal Care Program to incorporate choice into raptor training, oversaw a complete programatic and facility redesign of Shaver's Creek Environmental Center's native wildlife zoo, and connected the program to Penn State academic programs.

Starting his career as a volunteer and intern at Shaver's Creek in 1998, Jason has also managed Abbott's Mill Nature Center & the Milford Millponds Nature Preserve in Delaware, served as the Farm Naturalist at Aullwood Audubon Center & Farm in Ohio, was a program assistant at Audubon Pennsylvania, and was weekend manager at Wildwood Lake Sanctuary prior to his return to Shaver's Creek in 2014.

Jason is active in the IAATE & IATCB community, working to support other raptor programs restructuring their training and facilities. He maintains the "Raptor Center Resources" website: www.raptorcenterresources.wordpress.com