Lisa Longo (LisaLongo)

Lisa Longo (LisaLongo)
Animal Académie

Founder of Animal Académie, Lisa is an animal behavior consultant in France.

She started her animal training odyssey by attending numerous conferences which lead to her partaking in some of the industry’s leading opportunities. She’s an LLA and LLP graduate with Dr Susan Friedman.
Lisa is also the first Certified Professionnal Bird Trainer in France and her particular passion for working with parrots led her to publish a book titled “The pet parrot’s guide” which covers a wide range of information for both novices and more experienced people.
Lisa’s passion has always been to help pets and their human companions live in harmony. In this role she visits people’s homes to help them form a new communication with their pets.

Lisa currently shares her home with a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, a red Lored Amazon parrot, a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Gottingen Pig.