The CPBT-KA credential is valid for 5 years from the date it is awarded. To renew the credential a certificant must either re-take the examination after 5 years or accumulate sixty Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) by attending IATCB approved workshops, seminars, classes, or conferences. 

IATCB accepts applications from teachers, instructors, and hosts of such events using a CEU request form. If you wish to have an event that you are attending evaluated for IATCB CEUs please ask the host to complete the form and email it to IATCB.

Events approved for IATCB CEUs

This is a dynamic list so please return to this page periodically to check for the latest updates.

Event Name CEUs
11th Art and Science of Animal Training Conference 11.5
ABMA Annual Conference 2017 24.5
Advanced Animal Training for Horses 24
Art and Science of Animal Training - 2017 11
Avian Ambassadors Raptor Handling Class 12.0
AZA - Managing Animal Enrichment & Training Programs 30
AZA - Principles of Program Animal Management 30
Care & Release Wildlife Rehabilitation Conference, Norfolk, VA 2016 14
IAATE 2017 Comprehensive Course for Bird Trainers and Show Presenters 8
IAATE 2017 Conference 10.5
IAATE 2017 Workshop Educating the Flock 3
IAATE 2017 Workshop Engaging Enrichment 3
IAATE 2017 Workshop Perching for Health and Welfare 2
IAATE 2017 Workshop Personal Passion and the Perfect Presentation 2
IAATE 2017 Workshop Raptor Care: Proper Restraint and Basic Coping Skills 2
Living and Learning with Animals 16.0
National Association for Interpretation Regional Workshop 15
NEI - Contemporary Animal Training and Management 30.0
San Diego Global - Animal Show Development 1.0
San Diego Global - Enrichment (PS) 2.5
San Diego Global - Ethics (PS) 2.5
San Diego Global - Fundamentals of Animal Learning 2.5
San Diego Global - Government Regulations and Inspections 2.5
San Diego Global - Hand Rearing Avian Neonates 1
San Diego Global - Infection Control in Program Animals 1
San Diego Global - Interpretation basics (Module 1) 2.5
San Diego Global - Interpretation basics (Module II) 2.5
San Diego Global - Introduction to Nutrician 2.5
San Diego Global - Operant Conditioning and Behavior Management 2.5
San Diego Global - Record Keeping 2.5
San Diego Global - Safe Handling and Restraint 2.5
San Diego Global - Working Safely with Dangerous Animals 2.5
San Diego Global - Worms, Germs,and you (Introduction to Zoonotic Diseases) 0.5
San Diego Global - Zoonotic Disease and Biosecurity 3.0
Smart Reinforcement with Ken Ramirez 20
Working Bird Husbandry Workshop, Zoo Atlanta - 2016 22

IATCB requires proof of completion of the above events. In the case of events that provide a cetificate of completion please email a copy of this to IATCB. In cases where where no certificate is provided please contact IATCB for the required form before attending so that the host may complete and sign it. Again, send a copy of the form to IATCB.

Please note that all CEUs MUST be claimed with two (2) months of the event, submissions will not be accepted after this period!

Once awarded the CEUs will be posted to the certificants online profile.