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  Newsletter 21 September 2019  

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Today's featured CPBT-KA (Certified Professional Bird Trainer - Knowledge Assessed is Josh Crabtree. Josh is the Living Collections Manager of Ambassador Animal Resources at The Phoenix Zoo where his favorite bird at the moment is a Southern ground hornbill. "Currently I am enamored by our Southern ground hornbill. He has been part of our collection for many years, but has had a history of aggression. With making some significant changes in his training strategy, his aggression has lessened significantly and we are able to present him to the public so they can appreciate his beauty and intelligence as do I."
Being certified has helped Josh in his career. "Other staff and supervisors have acknowledged the dedication and commitment demonstrated with his certification. I feel staff looking for guidance are more comfortable and willing to ask for advice regarding their own training projects. It has also given me more confidence to follow my instincts and believe in myself. And I believe it was a solid factor in my moving into a management position as the certification supports my skill set and abilities."
"I would advise anyone thinking about certification to read a good variety of the recommended reading material covered by the test. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of knowledge covered on the test."
If you would like to find out more about setting these types of standards within your facility or becoming certified contact the IATCB board by visiting the website!
Big congratulations to our very first Certified Professional Bird Trainer in France! Lisa Longo took and passed the certification test this fall raising the bar and setting a new standard for her colleagues in France! Well done Lisa!
Already certified? 
The CPBT-KA credential is valid for 5 years from the date it is awarded. You can renew the credential by either re-taking the examination after 5 years OR you can accumulate 60 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by attending workshops, seminars, classes, or conferences. All great ways you can continue your education. Visit our web site for a listing of approved events for CEUs.
Important Dates:
Winter Testing Cycle deadline: January 17, 2017
Winter Testing Cycle dates: February 18, 2017-March 3, 2017

Upcoming events

Earn CEUs at these approved annual conferences.

The 25th annual IAATE Conference is hosted by Zoo Atlanta in 2017 and is sure to be memorable one. Dreaming of attending but lack the funds to go? Check out the Walter Crawford Memorial Scholarship which is offering up to $5000 to eligible applicants toward your conference expenses ! Check out the website for more information today! IATCB winter testing cycle spans the IAATE conference enabling international trainers to attend the confernce and take the certification test.  
The Annual Art and Science of Animal Training Conference
ORCA hosts the Art and Science of Animal Training Conference every spring. The conference, now going into its ninth year, brings together animal trainers and behavior analysts for lectures and conversations about the science of animal training and about “what’s new” in animal training.