Jayne Hardwick (zooranger)

Jayne Hardwick (zooranger)
Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
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Jayne began her animal career volunteering with a zoo education department with summer zoo camps.  She then found herself volunteering with the zoo show department and joined the department after confessing, "money is not my motivator."  Being a former National Park Ranger was a benefit to her comfort level in front of an audience, and she quickly learned about animal handling and training.  Raptors became her go-to though she worked with a variety of mammals, reptiles, and birds.

An unfortunate incident while chasing an errant primate resulted in a knee replacement and led Jayne to a new animal care experience as a quarantine keeper which included large carnivores, primates, and venomous reptiles.  She has also was given opportunities to hand-raise owls, porcupines, sloths, and fosas!

Now a Zoo Registrar, Jayne remains active in the animal training community by maintining her CPBT-KA Certification and participating as Secretary-Treasurer of IATCB.  She lives in Tennessee with a rescued coon-hound and an evil calico cat.