Marco Polo Preciado Aldava Wendt (Marco Wendt)

Marco Polo Preciado Aldava Wendt (Marco Wendt)
Polo Preciado Aldava
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United States

For nearly 25 years, Marco has been part of the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

family. During his career, he has worked in wildlife care and behavior with an

incredible array of avian species, from cassowaries and oldworld vultures, to

raptors, macaws, cranes, flamingoes—and everything in between. Conservation

education and a desire to protect nature’s flora and fauna led him to become an

ambassador and spokesperson for San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Giving a voice

to wildlife and sharing his passion for wildlife conservation is of the utmost

importance to Marco as he aligns himself with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliances

vision—a world where all life thrives. Being a person of color, Marco is grateful

and proud to have a platform to present his Latinx and LGBTQIA+ communities

as he strives for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all. Marco volunteers for the

International Outreach Committee of the American Association of Zoo Keepers’


San Diego Chapter, serves as an ambassador for Intertwined Conservation Corporation, and is a mentor for the Big Brother Big Sister of America program.